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Private Occupational Therapy, LLC: Enriching The Lives Of Children - And Their Families -  With Compassionate, Effective, and Personalized Screenings, Evaluations, And Therapy

If you're like most parents of small children, you may not be sure if your child's physical, mental and/or emotional development is age appropriate.

And even though you're almost certain that he or she is perfectly fine, you'd still like to be sure. Or, you may already be concerned that your child is struggling with developmental delays that have, or have not been, properly diagnosed but untreated. What's more, you may be unsure where to get help or frustrated that your child will have to wait months to be seen.

If so, you're not alone... and I'd like to help.

and adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorders; Sensory Processing Disorders; intellectual, learning and/or regulatory disabilities, lead more functional and meaningful lives.

Chelsea T. Guerra, MOT, OTR

My name is Chelsea Guerra, and I am a Registered and Licensed Occupational Therapist and the owner of Private Occupational Therapy, LLC located in Charlotte, NC. During my time as a therapist, I've met with many moms and dads  - people just like you  - who share similar concerns. And although their specific situations are unique, they are all looking for the one thing:  accurate answers about their children's developmental progress from a trusted professional. 

And one of the best ways to get these answers is through my screening and evaluation assessments. First, I'll conduct a 15-20 minute initial screening, where I'll assess your child's developmental skill levels. If this test confirms that your child is developmentally on target in all key areas, there will be no more testing. If, however, the screening identifies potential delays I'll recommend an in-depth evaluation, which is a very reliable and accurate assessment. And if needed, I'll develop an effective and sustainable, customized therapy that is appropriate for his or her personality, age, preferences, experiences, and challenges.  

In my role as a therapist is I've learned that many children respond better to therapy when it's provided in natural learning environments such as homes, schools, parks and the like. Additionally, this offers me an opportunity to help my children learn to function successfully in multiple environments and situation.

What's more, moms and dads are understandably grateful when their children receive the best therapy possible... and it's delivered conveniently and hassle-free.

What You Can Expect

  • Screening. Initially, I will meet with you – and other family members as appropriate – to learn as much as I can about your concerns and your son’s or daughter’s medical history and development milestones.

  • Collaboration. If it is determined that your child does not require one-on-one treatment, I will be happy to collaborate with you on how best to help your child at home, school, or play environments. Additionally, I can schedule regular sessions via phone, personal visits, and/or video conferences.

  • Evaluation. After the initial screening– and in order to properly assess your child’s needs – I will conduct a comprehensive evaluation using standardized tests.  The test results will help me identify specific areas that require work and allow me to set realistic and meaningful goals.

Services Offered

I treat children with a host of developmental challenges such as Autism Spectrum Disorders, Sensory Processing Disorders, Down's Syndrome, ADD and ADHD,  and intellectual, learning and/or regulatory disabilities. My treatment plans are designed to improve children's:  

  • Development and functionality

  • Gross, fine, visual and sensory motor skills

  • Visual perception

  • Self regulation

  • Social skills

  • Feeding

  • Engagement and play

  • Activity of Daily Living (ADLs) skills

  • Self-Help skills

  • Handwriting

  • and more...

So, please don't hesitate to contact me directly by email using our secure online form or by phone at 910.920.9777. I'm happy to answer your questions and when you feel ready, schedule a private consultation.

Will My Health Insurance Cover My Child’s Treatment?

Currently, I work directly with one health insurance company:  Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS).

Aside from BCBS, I use a self-pay model. This means that I do not work directly with other insurance companies and therefore, cannot bill or communicate with them on your behalf.

However, I do accept cash, personal checks, and credit card payments via PayPal.

Fee amounts vary depending on the service provided and are due prior to each evaluation and/or 50-minute session. Please don’t hesitate to call 980.949.0390 if you have any questions about payment policies.